Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The partnership sent us to Bluefields Friday so we could secure reservations for the pastors conference in August and handle some business. Preston and I left the kids with Sam, Sarah, Nathan, and Keyla from Isaiah House and flew to Bluefields. It was the first time in 7 months that we went somewhere without our kids and it was AMAZING! When we arrived in Bluefields we went to a hotel that Glenn Schroeder told us about. Unfortunately they were full, so they told us to go to another hotel. This one had no a/c and LOTS of mosquitos...lol...but it was a night without children so I am definitely NOT complaining. We were able to get most of the business done right away and then went to visit with Pastor Norman and his wife Marta. These are some of the most amazing people I have EVER had the pleasure of meeting. We hadn't called them to let them know we were coming, but due to the fact that they wake up every morning at 3am to pray, the Lord had told them to be expecting some unexpected visitors 2 weeks prior to our arrival. We sat and spoke to them for HOURS and it was so refreshing and wonderful. The next day before we came back to Managua the Lord had revealed to them that I was having horrible back pain and pain in my spine...which I do! They prayed for healing and they prayed for Preston too. I have not had one headache since our visit and that prayer. They sent us home with coconut oil and a bunch of pastry's from Bluefields...they were all fabulous! We shared the loot with the Isaiah House folks and were excited to tell them all about our trip. This post is mainly to tell you what is going on in Bluefiels.
First of all you should know Bluefields a.k.a. the Mosquito Coast is on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua. This side of the cost is COMPLETELY different from where we live in Managua. The Lord knew what He was doing not having us go there before our church was planted, because I would have moved there in a heartbeat. I think there is one grocery store in all of Bluefields and this is not the place to come if you're looking for a movie theater. It's really laid back. There are 6 different types of ethnic groups which is a mix of African, Mestizo, and Indigenous Tribes (Rama, Miskito, Creole, Garifuna, Ulwas, and the Mestizos). Here in Nicaragua cultures don't often mix. There is a lot of racism, especially against black people. Bluefields is more of it's own entity, due to the fact that at one time they weren't even a part of Nicaragua. You should look up the History...it's amazing.
We have our tickets to Bluefields!
Here is the little plane we took
There were enough seats for 12 passengers. We could see EVERYTHING the pilot was doing...even when he was sending a text, while the co-pilot was reading the paper
Okay, everyone meet Norman and Marta.
Norman and Marta wake up EVERY morning at 3am to have a prayer meeting with their leaders and teachers. They started a pretty small day care which ended up growing into a school. At first they moved around a lot, but then Marta's Aunt gave them some property for their ministry when she passed away. Everything they have and do they have done with the blessing of the Lord and through their church. They have unending and incredible faith...NOTHING shakes these people.
This is their church/school right now. This used to be just a slab but through much prayer and support they have been able to build it into a building. The Louisianan Vineyard came out a put a roof on, which they were working towards getting at the time. They ALWAYS praised the Lord, even when they were getting rained on during a church service, they knew that the Lord would provide, and he did. Right now the school has about 300 kids who attend. They are the ONLY completely private school in Bluefields. They take absolutely no help from the Government. They pay their teachers and feed the kids 3 meals a day. School starts at around 6am and with after school programs ends around 6pm. These people work HARD! Buying and preparing the food is a task in itself. They have day care, and Pre-K through 6th grade. These are people who believe in their community. They pray with the kids every day and teach them how to pray and about the Lord. Since there are so many different cultures and languages some of the children in their school speak 4 languages. A lot of the kids who go to the school don't go to church and neither to their families, but they have been thanked repeatedly for the pouring out of love and grace onto the children. Their theory is better to learn in the house of the Lord, than get taught on the streets in Bluefields.
Expanding the school (this is the front of the building). This will be the new Elementary School.
This is the inside. While they were building this a horrible rain came and destroyed all the wood. They had to rip most of it out and are working on replacing it now. They have faith this will be done by July.
Here it is from the back
This area is where the Secondary School (High School) will go. There used to be a river that ran through it, but they filled it in so they could build the school.
Here are the teacher offices
The septic tank dug by hand...this took a month to do.
The well, also dug by hand.
Norman and Preston talking about the school.
Nieghbor kids.
The workers cutting wood
Norman and Martas granchildren.
On Saturdays they have drum practice. In September they have Carnival and are practicing. They will be drumming nonstop for at least 3 hours.
Here is the bay and market
The shower head fell off in our hotel room. Also, please notice the window in the shower...hahaha
Apparently this officer made the wrong person mad
The streets of Bluefields


  1. Wow what beautiful people! And praise God for the healing insight! So cool!

    1. They really are such beautiful people. Thank you.

  2. I'm so glad you had a good trip! Praise God that your headaches are gone!

    1. I know right!!!! It's awesome. Miss you my friend.

  3. Carrie, what a great story and amazing people. They have accomplished so much with what God has given them. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Love it! Thanks for the update!