Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pitty Party and the Holiday debate

I'm so completely overwhelmed right now. There are some great sites that I use for this homeschooling fun but I don't even know where to begin. It's not only that though. Lately I have really been missing friends and family. When I asked a friend what they do here for Halloween and the response was, "Nada", I was a little sad for the kiddos. Look...I know Halloween is this big huge Christian debate, along with Christmas (Santa Clause and trees) and Easter (the Easter bunny) but I think children using their imaginations is fun and wise. I like the fact that they get to dress up and get excited for Christmas presents and can't wait for the Easter bunny to bring candy. I think it's my job to make sure that they also know Jesus was born and died for our sins, but why make them suffer while explaining this point? So they what...associate not getting to do fun stuff with Jesus (especially his birth and resurrection). Children are just that...children! When I was a kid I loved these times of the year and I want my kids to have experiences like that too. Imagination is just that...IMAGINATION...why cut it short? Our children are growing up fast enough...I like it when they act like children and I can see how easy life can be for them. One day they will be adults and hopefully they will be telling their children how much fun it was for them. The truth is I love Halloween...I love the fall fun festival at church...and I love that everybody dresses up and comes together to have fun and eat candy. My dentist may not love this, but I do. Fall is a wonderful time of year, one of my favorites. It's a time of family and fun, just writing this post brings tears to my eyes knowing that I won't be around family for Thanksgiving. Not only that, people here don't do anything for Thanksgiving...why would they? And then there's Christmas every Christmas eve my mother makes us breakfast for the morning...all I have to do is wake up and put it in the oven. Then my in-laws come over while we unwrap presents and that's followed up by Christmas lunch/dinner at my parents house. One things for sure...since fall has come my spirits have dropped. This will be the hardest season for me. I know we are doing what we are called to do, but these are some of the thoughts that go through my head...this is one of the not so easy days of being a missionary. Here are some pics from the past... The Scooby Doo gang...minus Scooby (year 2009)
Shayla and I spent quite some time getting all these costumes done...I made Carolines princess skirt
Little Spongebob
Bumblebee Transformer
Raggedy Ann
Spongebob and Patrick
Church camping trip 2009
Thanksgiving...last year we did over 300 pies
Black Friday at it's finest
Christmas 2009
setting up the Christmas tree
Please notice all the beautiful snowmen...they're my favorite!
New Years Eve/Prestons birthday 2009
New Years Day
and I miss this...


  1. We miss you!!!! Ty just looked over my shoulder and said, "Geez, when are they coming back, seems like it is taking forever". While I agree with the little guy, I know you guys are where God wants you to be.
    We send prayers and love! xoxo

  2. I definitely share your point of view... let them be kids and have an imagination for sure!!