Wednesday, October 12, 2011

School Days

Well the past 3 days have been pretty exciting as a teacher. I think I'm falling into the roll. I have to say, "I think", because my boys are constantly remining me how their "real" teachers did things...or "Mrs. Hiracheta says that" or "Mrs. Witt has that"...conversations often go like this, "Mom you know what my teacher said?" I say, "Yes, because I'm your teacher". "No, my real teacher at Sam Houston Elementary." I love that my children had such great teachers...I wonder if they will EVER think of me as one. My saving grace is Caroline...when she asks, "Mommy, have I ever been to school?" I answer, "Of coarse, you're in it right now." She gets all happy and excited about me being her teacher, and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Speaking of teaching I want to give a great big huge "Thank You" to Carisa from 1+1+1=1 and to my bestie Shayla (it helps that she's a teacher and is willing to talk with Raymond over the computer to help him if he's just not getting it). So, we started school a while ago, but officially started in the new room this week. The first day we had no table, thus, everything was done on the floor... Caroline practiced cutting paper
while Joe and Raymond worked on the "monsters" greater than and less than. Raymond did a great job at helping Joe with this...and even got Joe adding to see which was the bigger number
The next day we had a table...yay...and we continued learning about "monster" greater than and less than (the boys loved this). I went with a calendar binder since we couldn't find half the stuff for the board...this is actually good for us because the kids love writing everything...then I write some of the basics from it on the white board.
Caroline throws a fit while the boys enjoy math
It's pretty convienent that our sliding door to the outside is magnetic...this makes a great spot to hang our projects!
While Caroline gets ready for A...
Joe writes the memory verse...did I mention how great 1+1+1=1 is yet?
More of the board...
I started at "Aa" this week because I wasn't sure where to start, but next week I'm going in the order Carisa did them in...I think that will be easier. That along with our Time4Learning (thank you Shayla) and our Kirwood Homeschooling Program (this is mainly for Raymond)...and we've got enough to keep us busy for some time :) Which is important because I'm quickly realizing variety is key! Caroline and the Apple Puzzle
Raymond copying the bible verses since we ran out of ink and it was too light to see
Caroline with her lacy apple
the board is progressing
Joe with his sight word puzzle
Caroline trying out the sight word puzzle...she did a great job
I hope I wasn't over zealous with the pictures...but it's just so much fun!


  1. Never too many photos! I loved seeing it in action!!!! ;-)

  2. Thank you...and a big ol' "THANK YOU" from the kiddos