Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yay for fall fun!

After school and lunch yesterday one of our good friends in Nicaragua stopped by the house with his son...I love when that happens. His son played with Raymond, Joe and Caroline while we sat on the porch and had a nice conversation with him. I had planned a time to go out and play in the neighborhood park because the children become wild maniacs in this house sometimes. I recently had been checking out blogs for a craft and found a great fall one for the kids...The kids were going to make a when our friends left we got a little basket and headed out to find our fall leaves.
Caroline found a fake red flower (I know this isn't a fall leaf but she loved it)
Looking for the leaves was a group effort
Even Preston got a break during his busy day of taking people to Clinics, giving English lessons and going to meetings
When we were done collecting the leaves we went home to start our first school craft...EVERYBODY was excited. First we traced and cut out our arm and hand...
Caroline was bored while waiting for the scissors...she kept saying,"Huwee up Waymond it's my turn"
When our tree and branches were done...
we painted them
Then it was time to glue on the leaves...I had to help the kiddos with this so photos were not able to be taken. Here was our finished products...
Now all I have to do is find some string so we can hang them!


  1. This is so fantastic! I love this idea im using it in my preschool for sure!! I miss and love you so much and im so happy for you all and what you are doing out there. Just remember that we are all thinking of you!! And keep the pictures coming! I love seeing them and you!

  2. LOVE the Fall projects. LOVE seeing the kids doing their schoolwork. LOVE YOU TOO!!