Monday, October 3, 2011

Stepping into the "Teacher" role

So I'm officially teaching the kids now.  We've received the curriculum through Kirkwood Christian Homeschooling Program which IS credited in the United States.  This program takes attendance and gives real grades, at the end of it the children are given a Diploma.  We are also using Time4Learning, which is a wonderful interactive program for the kids to use.  I've mainly just been working with Raymond so far, while setting up and figuring out the programming.  I have been surprisingly patient with Raymond and feel a lot closer to the kids since we've started this journey.  There are some amazing tools we have here to teach with like live Volcano's.  This is us at Volcano Masya teaching the kiddos about Volcano's

Although there are great beautiful sights here, it can also be a challenge to find the things we need.  Today I go to look for craft supplies...the last time we did this we found construction paper, glue and scissors...that's about it.  We learned real quick that with the language barrier it's quite difficult to try to explain what exactly you need.  I have wonderful friends who are willing to send us some stuff from the States so that will help.  So far Raymond made 100% on almost everything.  He's been a great student!  I've been trying to find as many Homeschooling blogs as I could to help...and they have helped a lot.  So, now I start the craft journey...wish me luck!  Our craft project is...

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